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Hi ! I am Jasmijn Muller, aka ‘Duracell Bunny on a bike’. This nickname was given to me for my ability to just keep going; not a bad quality for an endurance cyclist. I am the owner of BE THE EGG Cycle Coaching and, if you give me the opportunity, the coach who will go the extra mile for you and help you take your cycling performance to the next level. 

I have particular expertise in long distance cycling and womens cycling, but work with, and welcome, both men and women, be it to help you train for your first century ride, move up to the next road racing category, set a new timetrialling PB or take on an ultra race or record attempt. After many years of juggling it all, I am taking a shot at trying to make a living out of my passion for cycling and helping others with their development.


My background is in rigorous data analysis; my passion is for people and places, and what it takes to take people places, literally and metaphorically.  
As an athlete, I like to ride far and fast, motivated by a passion for adventure, a competitive spirit, but above all, a drive to expand my limits and learn more about myself and the world around me.
As a coach, I am passionate about inspiring and supporting others to realise their goals and optimise their athletic potential:
To help other cyclists DREAM BIG, SET GOALS and TAKE ACTION to get FITTER, to go FASTER and wonder FARTHER.
Relevant coaching education:
  • Level 3 ABCC Coach (Association of British Cycling Coaching)
  • Women Are Not Small Men course with Dr. Stacy Sims – 1 of just 50 lucky people in the world to be on her inaugural course !
  • DNAFit Certified Trainer – which enables me to optimise your training and nutrition to your genetic potential
  • TRX Suspension Trainer
  • Level 2 Gym Instructor and Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Personal Training (completion Feb/March 2020)
  • TrainingPeaks University and TrainingPeaks, Science of Endurance Hydration Certificate (Precision Hydration)
  • British Cycling Level 1 & 2 Ride Leader
  • Emergency First Aid for Cyclists course, First Aid for Life
  • NSPCC Learning Child Protection in Sport CPD Certification
  • Motivations and factors affecting motivation, Open University
  • Exploring the psychological aspects of sport injury, Open University
  • Learning from sport burnout and overtraining, Open University
  • Recovery strategies in sport and exercise, Open University
I have over 20 years’ experience as a trainer and consultant.
As a trainer, I bring transferable skills and knowledge from many years of teaching ballet and instructing scuba diving from beginners through to instructor level. Ballet demands discipline and gives a a solid foundation in and understanding of good posture, core stability, flexibility and leg strength, among others. While scuba diving is simply the most wonderful way to teach people breathing techniques, overcome fears and literally thrive ‘under pressure’. 

These experiences have also brought me strong multicultural awareness and permitted me to perfect my language skills – I coach in English, Dutch, German and French. Importantly, I am highly adapt at fine-tuning training to different needs, styles and schedules. 
During the last 10 years I have successfully juggled a full-time management consulting job with training for and competition in national and international cycle races, of increasingly longer distances. As consultants, our focus is on helping clients define and realise their vision through in-depth analysis, rigorous planning and a pragmatic, results-driven approach. This approach is 100% transferable to my cycling coaching style. 


I have competed in:
  • Road Races (up to Cat 2)
  • Time Trials: Best British All-Rounder (2014), UK 12hr & UK24 hr champion (2015 and 2017), World 24 hr TT champion (2017) and various wins over shorter distances
  • 24-Hour Races: solo wins at Le Mans24, Zandvoort24 and Revolve24
  • Unsupported ultra cycling races: 1000 km BikingMan Oman female winner and top 10 overall (2019)
  • Mountain Biking XC races: a more recent endeavour; gaining skills and having fun but a long way from threatening for any podium places !

Other achievements include a Super Randonneur series during each of the last 5 years (200, 300, 400 and 600km brevets), London-Edinburgh-London (1400km, first female finisher) and Paris-Brest-Paris (1200km, 59 hours). 

In a moment of madness I also spent 70 hours on a turbo trainer, breaking the Zwift distance record (2017). The man I took the record from has since claimed it back by riding for 6 days straight in 2018. At the end of 2019 another male cyclist extended it to a whopping 10 days!  I don’t think I want to torture my neighbours for that long … 

In 2019, I was listed as one of Cycling UK’s 100 Women in Cycling for being one of the world’s foremost endurance cyclists and being an inspirational woman who encourages others to cycle. 

If I encourage others to ‘be the egg’, face their fears and tackle their weaknesses, I should lead by example. In 2019, I did so by taking on the hilliest of hilly rides (including the insanely hilly 610km Pure Peak Grit in less than 48 hours), improving my bike handling skills and taking up mountain biking to overcome my fears of gravel, mud, rocks and other off-road obstacles. 
For 2020, I have far from hung up my race wheels and continue to compete in ever longer races, with the longest unsupported ultra race as my main challenge: traversing the length of Europe from top to bottom in the 7400-km race from North Cape to Tarifa…raising money for Cancer Research UK once more. 
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