• Fully personalised cycle training plan, 2 updates per month
  • Weekly file review and feedback via TrainingPeaks (basic account) 
  • 4 athlete-led emails and 1 phone call per month
  • Core strength and flexibility training sessions (if desired)
  • Discount on affiliate products and services
  • Discount on training camps
  • No set up fees

All that is included in the ‘Bronze’ package, plus: 

  • Weekly plan updates
  • Immediate feedback on key sessions
  • Inclusion and analysis of smart adaptive workouts for Xert Premium members
  • Holistic race planning and strategy
  • Mental skills training 
  • One 1:1 guided ride / practical session per 6 months – virtual or IRL
  • Programme continuously optimised to genetic profile and potential (based on DNAFit Pro test results *)
  • For women: programme optimised to cycle / menopause (based on “women are not small men” course with Dr Stacy Sims and tracked via Fitrwoman coach platform)
* Additional one-off  discounted charge of £150 for DNAFit Pro test (only accessible through certified DNAFit Trainers) will give you valuable insight into:
  • How to match your endurance as well as strength training to your genetic potential
  • Your genetic risk for injuries, low bone mineral density, obesity and need for recovery time
  • Your sensitivity to carbohydrates and saturated fats, along with other diet recommendations
  • Your genetic predisposition for nutrient deficiencies as well as sensitivity to salt, alcohol and caffeine
  • Stress and sleep profile
  • 100 days of genetically matched home/gym based strength training 
  • 100 days of  genetically matched Meal Planner, including endless recipes, shopping list links and weight loss progression tracker 

All that is included in the ‘Silver’ package, plus:

  • Unlimited file review
  • Unlimited communication
  • Premium TrainingPeaks account included
  • One led 1:1 strength / flexibility session (per 6 months)
  • DNAFit Pro Fit test included (worth £199) covering the most comprehensive overview of how your genetics influence your fitness, nutrition, sleep, stress response, bone mineral density and obesity risk. Training plan and basic nutritional advice adjusted to DNAFit test results.
  • Monthly 1:1 Xert remote player session with coach
  • VIP quarterly webinar to learn more about training and nutrition
  • Access to broad data base of information on nutrition and physiology, plus treasure trove of motivational quotes, podcasts et

I offer 3 levels of bespoke 1:1 coaching packages, which differ in number of updates, frequency of communication and range of services. 

Prices are per calendar month with a minimum sign-on period of 6 months. All packages start with a comprehensive set-up process:

  • Questionnaire to establish health and fitness history, motivation, goals and needs
  • Lifestyle analysis and time planning
  • Goal setting
  • Annual training plan based on key goals & events
  • Threshold testing to set HR and Power training zones

Although not a must, I strongly recommend investing in a power meter if you want to get the most out of the training and coaching. 


Online, self-managed training plans. One-off communication only. Prices vary by plan duration and number of sessions per week. Get in touch to ask me for a set, self-managed training plan for your event, be it to ‘Be at your Best for the Mallorca 312‘ or to ‘Go Long and Strong for London-Edinburgh-London 2021 in 6-12 months’. 

Note that those on self-managed training plans will not receive any ongoing feedback or adaptations. While cheaper, they require a high degree of self-motivation, discipline and a lifestyle that permits a high degree of regular compliance. Training plans are great for some, but most people end up deviating from their set training plans and looking for the flexibility and accountability of a bespoke training approach in the end.. 


“I have entered race XYZ, can you just give me a few pointers please?”

Don’t underestimate how such a ‘simple’ question, often requires a more complicated and lengthy answer …

The RACE DAY STRATEGY service costs £75.

It is included for all my coached athletes on the SUNNY SIDE UP’ and ‘ROYALE’ bespoke coaching packages. However, it is also available as an add-on or one-off service and covers:

  • 1 phone call to discuss the event/race and athlete’s goals
  • 1 follow-up email or call with:
    • Key information about your race and performance benchmarks based on results in previous years
    • Logistical planning for your race: weather/course conditions to anticipate, recommended kit and equipment
    • Race day build up: which ‘B’ races might fit well with you ‘A’ race goal ?
    • Race day head game: a number of practical exercises you can do to enhance your mental preparation and performance 
    • Race day strategy:  pacing and tactical plan for your ‘A’ race 
    • Race day fuel: basic guidelines for race day nutrition and hydration plan (to be tested in training!)


Do you lack confidence in cornering, climbing, descending or other bike handling skills ? Are  you nervous about riding with TT/Tri style aero bars for the first time ? Are you unsure how to do hand-ups in a supported race ? Do you need help with route planning ? Are you wondering how best to pack your bike for a long ride or event ? Would like a coach to motivate you through a tough session in Xert and advice you on how best to adjust your settings for you target event ?

For any such practical queries – which are best learned by seeing, copying and mastering in your own time without any pressure from onlookers – I offer 1:1 rides and small group sessions.

1:1 and small group (up to 6 riders) guided IRL rides / practical sessions in London/Surrey are charged at £40 per hour for the first 4 hours and £30 per hour thereafter (on the same day).

1:1 and small group (up to 4 riders) virtual coached workouts are charged at £20 per hour. These are delivered through Xert (for session structure and analysis) and Cisco Webmeeting (for video communication). On request, I can overlay Xert with RGT Cycling or Zwift.  


October 2020

If you are looking for a fully guided women-only cycling week in autumn 2020, look no further than the “BELLA IN SELLA” week at Belvedere Hotel in Riccione, Italy. 

  • You’ll be riding along the stunning coastline and scenic hills of the Emilia Romagna on roads where the legendary Pantani use to train…
  • You’ll be pampered with a package that includes luxury accommodation, the very best Italian food (half-board with packed bike lunch), guided rides ranging from 20 to 160 km per day, various other tours and activities, free access to 450 sq.m. of absolute spa heaven, a free leg massage, 3 yoga sessions, a snazzy cycling top (with Swarovski crytstals!) and more … 
  • Plus, I’ll be along for practical support, a motivational chat, some coaching pointers or simply a friendly wheel to follow. 

Full details can be found here. If you are keen to come, please quote BE THE EGG for a 10% discount code on the package as well as extra spends at the hotel (drinks at the bar, additional spa treatments etc).

Future training camps

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you are looking for a coach to partner up with for a training camp, whether you are a club or a hotel, in the UK or somewhere with a bit more sunshine …


Did you know that 99% of people spend hardly any to absolutely no time at all on training what is perhaps their greatest asset: their mind !  To endure uncomfortable situations, to move up that ‘effort dial’ in your head or to stay focused in a longer race, requires a plan and deliberate practice. 

Ultimately, the goal of training your mind is to get clarity about who you are as an athlete; defining your why and what you want out of your training; and then moving on to how to achieve your goals by setting out a strategy and integrating a series of deliberate mental skills as an essential part of your regular routine, not just as a pre-race last-minute afterthought.

Training starts in simple, calm environments (e.g. sofa, bed, desk) and then ramps up by applying it as you push yourself into more and more stressful environments (turbo, longer rides, races, more challenging conditions etc).

My mental skills training approach is based on personal experience, working with experts, Open University sports psychology courses (ongoing) and broad reading. I am however NOT a qualified sports psychologist. For dedicated sports psychology services or more complicated situations, I warmly refer you to Josephine Perry at Performance in Mind. Josie is an excellent sports psychologist who has helped me heaps when I was training for my End to End record attempts. 


Why is it that some people find it easy to do hard sessions back-to-back whilst others need more rest or easily get injured? Why do I seem to have a natural talent for endurance? Why don’t I respond to power-based training the way my friend does? Why am I so sensitive to caffeine? 

Because we are each unique, there is no one-size-fits-all training programme. If one approach isn’t working, it may in fact be you, in the very deepest sense. Everyone has a different genotype. Training and environment (i.e. nurture) are an important part of success, but how well we respond to different types of training, how sensitive we are to certain food groups or how we deal with stress are all also influenced by our genetic predispositions (i.e. nature).

I can offer you the most elaborate DNAFit Pro test (only available through certified DNAFit Trainers); help you interpret the results during a 1-hour phone/skype call and provide recommendations for training and diet adjustments to optimise your approach based on your genetic potential. 

A standalone test is priced at £199 and covers: 

  • Personal genetic fitness profile 
  • Optimal diet type, food sensitivities, intolerances, detox and antioxidant needs
  • Genetic picture of how you’re built to sleep and cope with stress
  • Obesity risk
  • Predisposition towards increased risk of lower Bone Mineral Density
  • Personalised meal plan
  • Personalised training plan
Athletes on the ‘GOLD’ 1:1 coaching package receive the DNAFit Pro Test as part of their package as well as ongoing fine-tuning of their training and (if desired) meal plans or recipes to suit.


A paradigm shift in the world of health and nutrition has begun! One based on sex differences. Dr. Stacy Sims is the driver behind the ROAR about why “women are not small men” and why we should stop eating and training like men. 

In November and December 2019, I was lucky to be one of the just 50 people worldwide to attend Dr. Stacy Sims’ inaugural “women are not small men” course which expands on her book that has caused a seismic shift among female athletes.

Stacy’s course is designed for coaches, nutritionist and athletes who want to gain greater understanding and to help her spread this important message that “Women Are Not Small Men“.

The course has taught me more about sex differences and different responses between men and women to heat and/or altitude stress, recovery, training and nutrition as well as different responses between women at different stages in their hormonal cycle, on different contraceptives or going through menopause. 

I enjoy helping my female clients moderate adaptive responses for performance based on working with their physiology, rather than following standard training and nutrition advice, designed through a male prism.

Check out my recent blog about how to ‘Train like a Woman‘ and/or contact me for a chat about how I may be able to help you train and thrive as navigate the (peri)menopause waters.


In addition to working directly with athletes, I also enjoy sharing my knowledge with larger groups of people. I  have been a guest lecturer at the University of Surrey for a number of years and have also spoken at cycling club and industry events, such as the London Bike Show and SPIN Cycling Festival, as well as various podcasts. Please get in touch if you think I could be a right fit for a workshop, motivational talk, information evening or other event you are organising. Topics that I cover include (among others):

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